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How it Began

When photographer Karen O'Maxfield returned to her native city in 1985, she brought with her an interest in viewing through a camera lens the city that she'd called home for the first 21 years of her life. She found that many places had changed—some, not for the better. Old haunts disappeared, and the heartbeat of the city—its downtown—seemed devoid of the liveliness and sense of community that she'd experienced while growing up in the 1950s. Ms. O'Maxfield began to re-explore Hartford through her camera lens, uncovering old, finding new and knitting together a different image of the city for herself. She shares that vision with others through this website.

This site is not intended to be a comprehensive view of Hartford. It is simply one individual's expression of the places and history that are of personal interest. We encourage visitors to visit the links page for websites that provide information on Hartford, its people, culture and architecture.

The Photographer

Karen O'Maxfield exhibits regionally and her photographs have been published worldwide. An amateur historian and genealogist, she lives in Hartford with her husband, Gary. Together, they founded the Fairfield Avenue Neighbors Association and worked for two years to have their street designated a National Historic District. Karen is also the co-founder and current president of the Friends of Vintage Base Ball, a nonprofit organization that provides living history events. When not photographing, doing community work or running the nonprofit organization, she can be found in her garden or spending time with her grandkids, Emma and Rocco.

Services Available

Ms. O'Maxfield would be pleased to provide your group with a bus tour of Hartford that will bring to life several of the sites shown in this virtual tour. Please call 860-956-9863 for more information.

Our research services include genealogical information, archival research for photos and documents, and photographing gravestones and sites. Please contact us for more information.

Image Usage

All graphics and photographs at this site are copyright-protected and registered with the United States Copyright Office in Washington, D.C. (Registration #VA 949-024). Hyperlinking to or downloading any image(s) for use or electronic storage is strictly prohibited without prior written consent from the author. Should you wish to use any image for any reason, please send an email to: info[at symbol]omaxfield.com for authorization.

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We value your right to privacy and wish to have your visit be stress-free and enjoyable. We do not collect any information whatsoever about site visitors that can be traced to any individual(s). Should a visitor wish to share his or her email address in our Guest Book, be assured that it will never be sold, leased or provided to any third party at any time.


This website is supported by the City of Hartford Business Development Grants for Artists Program, Pedro E. Segarra, Mayor with funding from the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program allocated to the City of Hartford.

Thanks also to my husband, Gary Goldberg-O'Maxfield who brought me food and tolerated my long hours at the computer while this site was in development.

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